Fordney Club, Saginaw Co

Saginaw's Fordney Club
has a proud history.

Our club was founded in 1923 by 70 prominent businessmen. The Fordney Club received its name from the Honorable Joseph W. Fordney who served in the House of Representatives from 1899 to 1923. Recognized as one of the Country's leaders, Congressman Fordney was Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. He was named the Club's first honorary member.

We currently meet every other Tuesday. Come and join us. Call Joe Rau, Membership Chairman at to get the invitation.

Fordney Club Mission Statement

The mission of the Fordney Club is to support education, youth athletics, and the general community welfare by action, word, and deed.

Fordney Club Preamble (excerpt)

Whereas, it is the duty of each person engaged in any business or profession to promote their business and social enterprise, and in so doing, to put forth effort and time in the promotion of the general community welfare; and whereas, more good can be accomplished by the promotion and support of charitable purposes through united rather than individual effort; therefore, we business and professional persons of Saginaw, Michigan, believing that such an organization will promote the welfare of all the residents of greater Saginaw, hereby unite ourselves in a non-profit, charitable organization.

Fordney 300 Golf Outing 2015

Fordney Club 300 Golf Outing Photo album click here to view